About Us

The Man

I have been trying to find a way not to work for “the man” since I wrote poetry in college, maybe even longer.  I believe life’s goal is to have fun.  I love to ride bikes, run, read, listen to music, practice yoga, throw back a couple of cold ones, camp, hike, hangout, cook, eat , love, and make hot sauce.  Help me add a little flavor to life and create an empire.  I’m not just a creator of goodness, I’m a consumer of it as well.  Create. Consume. Savor.

The Why

In the late 80’s and through the late 90’s I hung out in a place called Mr. T’s Tacos.  It was a fixture on 44th street across from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.  Carl Boyd, a professor at ODU, made his Death Sauce in trade for his beer tab.  He never gave up any secrets, but talking about it with him gave me enough interest to try making some sauce of my own.

Mr. T’s got gobbled up by progress and I couldn’t ever find a sauce, or taco joint, to fill the void.  Always searching for the right combination of heat and flavor, I decided to keep at the hot sauce creations.  For years I would grab some tasty adult beverages and make sauce to give away to friends.  Some batches were good and some not so much.   I usually got too sauced to remember what I put in it, but I started getting a following regardless.

I began writing things down and drinking a little less until the magical sauce was brewed.  Things have been pretty consistent for awhile now and Speedy’s Hot Sauce has been growing in popularity ever since.

One could say that Speedy’s was created out of a necessity for flavor and burn.  Speedy’s has a complex and rich smokey flavor because that is what I was after.  Sauce should enhance what you are eating, not over power it.  Try it for yourself and start living the dream.